John Farano Jr.
Palos Hills
May 2, 2008
Chicago Sun-Times

Letters, faxes, calls get no response

Dear Fixer: In May 2006, I bought a condo conversion in Chicago from John Farano Jr., president of A&T Ventures Inc. He was to pay my taxes for half of the year, but he has not. The total was $764.85.

My attorney has written him two letters, and I have called and left a voice mail message for him, to no avail.

Other owners in the condo complex have documents signed by him stating things that they would receive for their unit and have not, such as new air conditioners and new balcony doors. He was also to either leave us money in escrow for repairs or complete the repairs, and he did neither. The building inspection states many things that needed to be replaced or repaired that he didn't do.

We would like some advice on how to go about getting money owed to us for taxes and repairs.

Julie Tomalis, Chicago

Dear Julie: You showed Team Fixer a copy of the letter your lawyer had faxed and mailed to John Farano Jr. at his law offices in Palos Hills in January. We also saw a copy of the tax agreement Farano had signed at the closing, agreeing to pay the property taxes.

When we called him, he said he never got the letter. He gave us his cell phone number and suggested you call him to try to straighten things out. So you did, twice -- but you said you never heard back.

Your lawyer's paralegal left three messages for Farano at his law office, and at one time explained the situation to someone there. Those calls weren't returned either.

Meanwhile, you also filed a complaint with the Illinois attorney general's office, and they told you they haven't been able to get a response from Farano.

Hmmm. So, either his phone and his answering machine and his mailbox (and his employee's mouth) are all broken, or he's blowing you off. Sorry for the bad news. (Yo, John! Call us back!)



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