Disqualification of Federal Judges 
Thomas James 
and Jack B. Schmetterer

Member Eugene Alpern filed an action in Bankruptcy Court, case no. 93-B-7643, only for the purpose of challenging the lack of subject-matter jurisdiction of Judge Philip S. Lieb in cases no. 90-D-2724 and 91-D-5122.  (You will read later that six judges have reviewed the record of case no. 91-D-5122 and have reported that they could not find a valid Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in the record of that case, a mandatory requirement under Illinois law for a court to have subject-matter jurisdiction.)  The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that the subject-matter jurisdiction of any court can be challenged in any court. Old Wayne Mut. L. Assoc. v. McDonough, 204 U.S. 8, 27 S.Ct. 236 (1907).  Alpern complied with the law.

Judge James not only refused to comply with the law, in allowing Mr. Alpern to challenge the jurisdiction of the 91-D-5122 court, but also held secret hearings to extort property from Mr. Alpern, engaged in acts of interference with interstate commerce, and accepted a bribe from Judge Lawrence Fisher, a purported Chapter 7 trustee in a Chapter 11 proceeding.

Mr. Alpern will post on this web-site some of the documents from the court (public records) and affidavits filled by non-parties attesting to the "appearance of partiality" of Judge Thomas James.

If you agree that Judge Jack B. Schmetterer has given the "appearance of partiality" in his not giving Mr. Alpern instructions, has not heard Mr. Alpern's request for information, has not accepted the fact that Judge Thomas James was disqualified, as a matter of law, on or before December 20, 1993, has accepted as valid all of the orders of Judge Thomas James issued since December 20, 1993 when he was lawfully disqualified, as a matter of law, has intimidated Mr. Alpern by having Federal Marshalls present only for his hearing, then please send ASAP your affidavit attesting to Judge Schmetterer's "appearance of partiality" by mail or by fax to Citizens, so that additional void orders may not be issued.  Your affidavit may wake up Judge Schmetterer and other judges that they are being watched and exposed.  Any questions, please contact Citizens.

You may be the resident of any state to file an affidavit in Illinois.

If you want others to support you, you have to support others.

See First Motion to Disqualify Judge James
        Second Motion to Disqualify
        Affidavit of Shirley Sitrick
        Affidavit of Scott Bernard
        Affidavit of Richard Pryzenka
        Third Motion to Disqualify
        Fourth Motion to Disqualify
        Affidavit of William Eng
        Affidavit of Eugene Alpern
        Judge James accepted a Bribe
        Removal of Fisher
        Petition for Accounting of Property
       Letter to Judge Schmetterer, dated November 8, 1999
       Letter to Judge Schmetterer, dated November 16, 1999
       Reply to Fisher's Response
       Transcript of January 5, 2000 hearing before Judge Schmetterer
       Notice of "appearance of partiality" sent to Judge Schmetterer, January 6, 2000
       Letter to Judge Schmetterer, dated January 24, 2000
       Letter to Judge Schmetterer, dated February 4, 2000

More to come

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