Corrupt, Incompetent, and Unethical Judges

     JUDGE THOMAS JAMES (Federal Court)

Judge Thomas James was paid and he accepted a bribe of $6,700.

Documentation was filed with the U.S. Attorney's office relative to the bribery of Federal Judge Thomas James.

Why has U.S. Attorney James Burns not actively proceeded with a proper investigation of the bribery of this Federal Judge? Under 18 U.S.C. Section 2, James Burns is or may be a principal in the bribery scheme, or under 18 U.S.C. Section 4 he is or may be an accessory to the bribery.

At a minimum, U.S. Attorney James Burns is engaged in covering up the act of bribing Judge Thomas James, or more likely, he is a participant in the scheme of bribing Judge Thomas James.

Did Judge Thomas James report the receipt of the bribe on his 1040? Did Judge Thomas James pay income tax on his bribe?



Judge Philip S. Lieb was precipitously removed from Cook County Divorce Court, and banished to a suburban court. We are told that he was involved in a sexual impropriety, presumably with a litigant before him in court. Was not his transfer from Divorce Court to the suburban court also due to his taking a bribe in a divorce action?

Under the Code of Judicial Conduct, judges who have any knowledge of the reasons for Judge Philip S. Lieb's banishment have a separate and independent duty to report that conduct to the Judicial Inquiry Board. Judges who have not reported Judge Philip S. Lieb's conduct have engaged in conduct in violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct and should be suspended or removed from the bench.

The only judge who had the lawful authority to transfer Judge Philip S. Lieb from the domestic relations division to a suburban court was Chief Judge of the Circuit Court Donald O'Connell (a/k/a Judge Greylord II). Has Chief Judge Donald O'Connell reported Judge Philip S. Lieb to the Judicial Inquiry Board, as required under the Code of Judicial Conduct?

Judge Philip S. Lieb has been further charged with engaging in extortion and in interference with interstate commerce.

What "gift" did Judge Philip S. Lieb receive from attorney Allen Sherwin Gabe or Gabe, Gabe & Associates?

Did Gabe, Gabe & Associates, P.C., Allen S. Gabe, or Caryl Jacobs Gabe deduct the "gift" to Judge Philip S. Lieb from their income tax reports? Did Judge Philip S. Lieb report the receipt of the "gift" on his 1040? Did Judge Philip S. Lieb pay income tax on his "gift"?


Documentation was hand-delivered to Chief Judge Donald O'Connell's office on January 4, 1995 of certain attorneys engaging in judge-shopping in his courts. Chief Judge Donald O'Connell has not responded on this violation of the law in his jurisdiction since that date.

Chief Judge Donald O'Connell has engaged in actions in violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, Rule 63(B)(3) in not taking action as is his duty under Rule 63(B)(3).

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