Terry Ekl
Attorney in DuPage County, Illinois

Citizens is in possession of a medical report on the emergency medical treatment of Carrie Ekl, wife of attorney Terry Ekl. The Medical Report states that she was injured by her husband, Terry Ekl, by his throwing a VCR tape at her, causing a head wound.

Further, in a letter written on "Elect Joe Birkett State's Attorney" letterhead, attorney Terry Ekl wrote his wife in which he admits of a tape recording wherein he made allegedly threatening phone calls to her.

According to a Clarendon Hills Police Department report, on July 25, 1994 attorney Terry A. Ekl's daughter, Tracy L. Ekl from his first marriage, appeared at the home of Carrie Ekl, the second wife of Terry A. Ekl, and proceeded to do criminal damage to the property of Carrie Ekl. According to the police report, attorney Terry A. Ekl was aware of the injuries upon his daughter due to her damage to Carrie Ekl's home.

On November 2, 1994 the law firm of Connelly, Ekl & Williams, P.C., who apparently represented Tracy L. Ekl in the court trial, DuPage County Circuit Court Case Number 94 OV 5306, made a payment to Carrie Ekl for damages to Carrie Ekl's home.

On June 28, 1998, criminal damage (reportedly a bombing of her automobile) of Carrie Ekl's automobile was reported to the Lombard Police Department. There is a great suspicion that husband Terry Ekl was probably involved in the criminal (bombing?) damage to the automobile.

On January 11, 1999, the records of the Clerk of the DuPage County Court showed that attorney Terry Ekl is behind on his court ordered payments for child support in the amount of $1500.00 plus arrearage charges. As an attorney, Terry Ekl should uphold the law, not show his disdain for the law and the judges of DuPage County.

Attorney Terry Ekl, is this the way to treat your wife?

An inspection of the record of the divorce case, Terry Ekl v. Carrie Ekl, case no. 94-D-01978 (DuPage County) indicates that the purported divorce is probably a sham divorce. Did Judge C. Stanley Austin, and subsequently Judge Michael Galasso, receive a bribe to issue and enforce a purported sham divorce proceeding?

If Terry Ekl has married while still purportedly married to Carrie Ekl, is he not a bigamist?

Attorney Terry Ekl has in the past sponsored a "Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvres" party in honor of Judge Robert Thomas. Would attorney Terry Ekl be attempting to influence Judge Thomas? Citizens suggests that the public perceives actions of this type by an attorney to be an attempt to influence a judge.

Why is the law firm of Connelly, Ekl & Williams, P.C. prohibited to practice law in the State of Illinois?

If they cannot practice law, are they not committing fraud if they charge any legal fees? If they used the U.S. Mail for any part of their action, were they involved in mail fraud?

It is very interesting that both DuPage States Attorney Joe Birkett and Illinois Attorney General James Ryan have both declined to prosecute a Petition for Increase of Child Support against attorney Terry Ekl for the alleged reasons that they would be in a conflict of interest. Is not their purpose to comply with the law? and to prosecute failure to pay child support payments?

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